Student Retention and Return

Empowering Frontline Leaders


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Culture shift: How to put customer service and community engagement to work for your schools 


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Improving Customer Service in Schools

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A Case Study: Caddo Public Schools


The following study explains the partnership between K12 Insight and Caddo Public Schools. Discover how they were able to improve communication, community engagement, and customer service within their district and community 

The School Leader's Definitive Guide to Quality Customer Service 

This guide covers the ins and outs of successful quality communication within school districts. Learn the dos and don'ts, how to set and implement exceptional customer service goals, and create an improved culture for your schools and districts.

10 Secrets to Developing a Culture of Exceptional School Customer Service 

By Dr. Gerald Dawkins

Teaching and learning are the foundations of public schools but exceptional customer service will lead to flourishing growth and success. Discover the secrets of outstanding customer service skills that will lead to overall greater success and keep students and families enrolled and engaged in your school districts. 


Public Schools are the Best Option

Listen to education experts discuss why Public Schools are the best option for Ohio students and how the Voucher program strips resources from the public schools and their students.

Podcast Special Episode

Featuring Superintendents Elizabeth Kirby and Lori Lowe

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Episode 3_ The Intrusion of Ohio's Vouch

Recording of Live Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dr. Gerald Dawkins (moderator), Dr. Christine Wells, Kieth Simmons, Dr. Justin Jennings, 

Heather Kahoun, Joe Douglass