Overview of the EdChoice Challenge

A Background on Ohio's Education Budget 

Presented by Stephen Dyer, Policy Fellow at Innovation Ohio and Committee Chair of the CECV Project

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A Brief History of Vouchers in Ohio

Presented by Piet van Lier, Education Researcher for Policy Matters Ohio 

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The Intrusion of Ohio's Voucher Program


Listen to education experts discuss the intrusion of Ohio's Voucher program within our public education system. 

Listen to The State of Our Schools Podcast

Brought to you by Real Choice Ohio

In this episode, we will discuss Ohio's Voucher program and how it devastates Ohio's entire public education system. This episode features interviews with Scott Dimauro, President of the Ohio Education Association and Stephen Dyer, Policy Fellow at Innovation Ohio, and Chairman of the CECV's council. 

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Episode 3_ The Intrusion of Ohio's Vouch

Live Panel Discussion Recording


Panelists: Stephen Dyer (moderator), Bill Phillis, Piet van Lier, Susan Kaeser, Jim Lloyd, Mark Hill