About the CECV Project

About the CECV Project

The CECV Project was created by Real Choice Ohio in efforts to provide training and direct technical assistance to select Ohio Public School Buildings and Districts. 

These Efforts will:

  • Minimize and/or prevent the voucher-supported exodus of public-school students to private and parochial schools.

  • Outlines the delivery of training and technical assistance services to targeted schools and school districts identified as “Ed-Choice Vulnerable”.

  • Features localized and regionalized training opportunities, as well as digital assistance and direct service to targeted schools and school districts.

  • Reduces the outflow of public education students and their accompanying dollars.


The Project is sponsored by the OEA, Supported by K12 Insight and Innovation Ohio, and Partnered with OSBA, BASA, OASSA, & OESSA.

Purpose and Goals 

The CECV Project Purpose is to Provide training, digital support, and technical assistance to Ohio Public School Buildings and Districts identified as “Ed-Choice Vulnerable.”

The goal of these workshop sessions is to provide School Districts/Building with resources and examples of how to help their parents and community understand and appreciate how and why their public school(s) are by far the best environment to educate each child in the state of Ohio.

Additionally, as in all sessions, the participants will be given the opportunity, with practical assistance, on how to develop specific plans to carry out when they return to their respective districts inclusive of a statewide feedback loop.

Who We Are

The CECV Project was created by Real Choice Ohio, a non profit organization that provides assistance to Ohio public school districts for the retention of students so that they have a successful education and graduate from high school. RCO stresses the importance of prioritizing and supporting Ohio's public education system. 


The foundation of the CECV Projects' purpose and goals were created by a diverse group of keen members of Ohio's Public Education System, the Student Retention and Advisory Council (SRAC). 

The SRAC Includes:

  • Superintendents: Melvin Brown, Jeff Graham, Liz Kirby, Tom Perkins,

  • Treasurer: Ryan Pendleton

  • Elementary, Middle and High School Principals: Rick McIntosh, Jane Myers, Neil Gupta

  • Teachers: Jodi Hess

  • District Communications/Community Outreach Personnel: Audrey Holzman, Mary Beddell

  • School Board Members: Eve Bolton, Chris Vargo, Linda Haycock (State Board of Education)

  • School oriented PR Firm Representative: Thomas Fladung

  • School Attorney: Lindsay Gingo

  • OEA Representatives: Scott DiMauro (President), Robert Davis

  • OASBO Representative: Katie Johnson

  • K12 Insight: Joe Douglas

  • Real Choice Ohio Representatives: Michael Collins, Ryan Collins

  • OCE&A For School Funding: Bill Phillis

  • Policy Fellow at Innovation Ohio serving as Chair: Steve Dyer


Together, the SRAC organized a process and a plan on how to combat the EdChoice Vouchers in Ohio. Their ideas and expertise resulted in a state-wide education project supported by many Education Organizations along with a workshop series to bring these ideas to action.