The Confronting EdChoice Voucher Virtual Workshop Series

Welcome to the CECV Virtual Workshop Series

The EdChoice performance-based voucher program has grown from a 40-district, 60 million dollar program ten years ago to a 140-district, 150 million dollar program today, with the potential of becoming a 400-district program for the 2021-2022 school year. As massive budget cut forecasts are projected for school districts over the next 2-3 school years, the last thing these districts need is hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being diverted to subsidize private school tuitions.

There's a way to fight back!


It's called the Confronting EdChoice Voucher initiative, a series of interactive, web-based conferences designed to help districts deal with the growing budgetary threat of EdChoice vouchers. The series will tell you everything you need to know to help prevent more state money from leaving your kids' pockets and going to unaccountable private schools.

How it Works

Online Materials and Recorded Workshops:

Within each pillar (below), there are materials (PowerPoints, Podcasts, Webinars and Presentations, etc.) that will be available for each person to look at, at their own pleasure and pace. Each Pillar also contains a virtual panel discussion session in which participants and members can hear from experts and interact via Q & A's. All discussions are recorded and published under each pillar.

Join us in prioritizing Ohio's Public Education System and all of our students. 

Workshop Pillars 
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Learn More About the CECV Project


The CECV Project was created by Real Choice Ohio in efforts to provide training and direct technical assistance to select Ohio Public School Buildings and Districts. 


The CECV Project Purpose is to Provide training, digital support, and technical assistance to Ohio Public School Buildings and Districts identified as “Ed-Choice Vulnerable.”

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The Confronting EdChoice Voucher Project is brought to you by Real Choice Ohio. Real Choice Ohio provides assistance to Ohio public school districts for the retention of students so that they have a successful education and graduate from high school. The student retention assistance includes research, the creation of best practice materials, sharing of best practices, and training for public school districts. 
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